Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eight Ways for a Start-Up to Secure Capital

I came accross a blog post in the Huffington Post that I would like to share with my readers. The author, Nathaniel Cahners Hindman, wrote an article titled "8 Ways to Bootstrap a Business Without Going to a Bank". The link to the article is here.

The eight ways that Mr. Hindman describes are:

1. Crowd funding;
2. Microfinance;
3. Peer-to-peer lending;
4. Angel investors;
5. Venture capital funds;
6. SBA loans;
7. Community Development Financial Institutions; and
8. IRA/401(k).

So, for the start-ups out there: are you equally exploring all these options? I meet many start-up owners looking for angels or VCs. But how many of you know enough about the other six ways to finance your business?

Looking for less traditional sources of capital, just like thinking outside of the box, may be just what you need to enable your business meet yet another milestone and continue to grow.

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