Sunday, May 12, 2019

Preparing for a panel discussion on raising seed capital, successfully

I am in the process of organizing an event geared towards my favorite crowd: startup founders.  They are the most demanding group of clients I have.  There are many adjectives I would use to describe them: enthusiastic, big believers, convincing, lost, demanding, unreasonable, whining, driven, and again, enthusiastic.

For the upcoming panel discussion, I've invited as speakers two partners at venture capital firms that invest into NYC-based and international startups, an experienced angel investor who is on the board of one of the largest angel groups, and a founder of a startup that successfully raised capital before.  As a moderator, my job will be to ask them questions, the answers to which should help the audience.  What are the questions that I should ask?  What are the questions that, if you knew the answer to, would help your company get funded?

Audience participation here is welcome!

And BTW here is the link to the event:

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